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A Gallery of the Vizslas we helped find new homes.

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Dot is a real character and she is having more and more fun each day.  She's making a huge difference in our other dog's life.

Dot has been such a joy and she is constantly revealing so many facets of herself to us. So many different sounds, and just being so silly. She is full of energy and personality and very intelligent!

She loves going for rides and has such a keen sense of smell.

Again, thank you so much for allowing Dot to fill our family with joy and happiness

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picture to view more photos.
We loved Greta from the moment we picked her up. It's hard to believe that
June 9th was her 30 day anniversary with us, because it seems like she's
been part of the family for years. It wasn't difficult for her to make her
way into our hearts. She is so much fun and a very happy, energetic 7 year
old. She reminds us so much of Hannah, the one we lost. She gets along
well with her older sister Heather, and they have lots of fun chasing each
other around the house with the toys in their mouths. They also have fun
hunting together in the back yard for squirrels, rabbits, lizards and
anything else that catches their eye. When it gets too hot, they enjoy a
swim in the pool, which, by the way, Greta LOVES to swim and will swim
around like a little beaver. All of us typically swim together on weekends.
Greta and Heather walk each morning with us on a dual lead and it makes us
happy that we have a sister again for Heather. We feel that we didn't
rescue Greta, she rescued us!

Thanks so much for giving us Greta!!!!


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Now known as “Dexter” (due to his new adopted brother also having the name Copper) is now in his new, loving home.  Here is what his new family has to say about him:

"We have had so much fun these last two weekends with the dogs.  Copper and Dexter get along so well, it’s like we've always had the two of them! Dexter turned out to be a really good swimmer!

He fits into our family so well and everyone adores him.

Our Copper has had a new lease on life since Dexter arrived.  It’s been so good for him to have someone to play with as well as company. It’s been a great match for both of them!

I am just enjoying both of them together, best thing we did!

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity, we are so blessed to have him! "