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We realize this is a difficult decision for any owner to make. If circumstances dictate that you must surrender your dog, we are here to help you in that process.

If you desire to keep your Vizsla, but are having problems with it and feeling overwhelmed, please contact us. We will try to provide you with resources that may assist you in dealing with the problems you are encountering.

If you need to surrender your Vizsla, please fill out the Owner Surrender Vizsla Profile form and follow the directions on the form when returning it to ECVC Rescue.

The date we will accept your Vizsla into our rescue program will be determined by the number of Vizslas we have in foster care at that time. If we are full, you may be asked to keep your Vizsla until we have room, or until we locate the RIGHT home for your Vizsla.

We want to assure you that we are very picky about where our rescue Vizslas are placed. Once we accept your Vizsla into rescue, we make a lifetime commitment to your Vizsla. If for any reason the Vizsla has to be surrendered, the Vizsla is returned to ECVC Rescue (by contract).

Families/Individuals wanting to adopt a Vizsla must complete an Adoption Application. We ask potential adopters many questions and conduct Home Visits to ensure proper placement of the Vizsla. Our desire is to find the best suited home for your Vizsla.

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