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ECVC is always looking for foster homes, particularly those with Vizsla or other high energy breed experience. We need foster homes for healthy dogs and puppies, as well as medically challenged or temperamentally difficult dogs. The length of time a dog may need to be fostered could range from two to six months, depending on the needs of the dog.

Dogs may come into rescue hundreds of miles from a suitable foster home. You can help by volunteering to drive a leg of a transport. Foster dogs may also need transportation to or from the airport, in the rare case one is flown to a foster home. We may also need help with local transportation due to conflicting schedules. All help is greatly appreciated!

We rely on ECVC volunteers and volunteers from other breed rescues to check animal shelters for purebred Vizslas we may be able to rescue and re-home. If you find a Vizsla in a shelter, please contact us immediately at

According to, 90% of the puppies from pet stores are from puppy mills. Many of these pet stores fail to provide proper veterinary care to sick and injured animals and often sell them. Buying a Vizsla from a pet store only increases the demand for them. So please, only purchase puppies from a reputable breeder. Serious inquiries for reputable breeders in the State of Florida can contact for a list.

Our rescue program depends on donations and fundraisers. We gratefully accept donations of any amount. Every penny goes to help our wonderful Vizsla friends.

Please send donations to:

ECVC Rescue
P. O. Box 417
Cantonment, FL 32533

Thank you for caring!!