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Vizslas are a wonderful and special breed.  It is unfortunate that sometimes they end up in a rescue program.  Some come to us from abuse situations, but many owners just weren’t the right fit for this breed, illness or death may have occurred in a family, jobs change, people move, couples divorce – there are many reasons why Vizslas end up in rescue. We do not look at this as a negative, but rather, giving these special V’s a second chance at a new life! 

Our goal is to find the best, hopefully, the “perfect” match for a rescue Vizsla and its new family. Please fill out the Rescue Application as accurately as you can so this goal can be accomplished for you and (hopefully) your new Vizsla family member. Please visit our Rescue Resource page and check out the links under: “So You Think You Want a Vizsla?”

If you are interested in buying a puppy from a breeder, please email us at to get a list of reputable breeders in the state of Florida.

Please be aware that conditions of adoption require that you return the dog to Vizsla Rescue if you are unable to keep it for any reason, and that a home visit may be required as part of the adoption approval process.

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