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Emerald Coast Vizsla Club (ECVC) Rescue is a northwest Florida based not for profit organization run by the ECVC. We are dedicated to the health and well-being of Vizslas who have been lost, abandoned or whose owners are no longer able to care for them. We rescue Vizslas from shelters, provide needed veterinary care, and with the help of our volunteers, place them into their “forever homes.”

Our rescues are spayed/neutered, if age permits, and are current on shots before adoption. Please note, a home visit may be required as part of the adoption process.

Because the expenses of a rescue are so great, ECVC Rescue is active in only purebred Vizsla rescue placements. Please take a moment to review the Vizslas we currently have available for adoption here.

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  • For additional questions or information about the ECVC Rescue Program